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PricePeep FAQs

What is PricePeep?

PricePeep is a web browser plug-in designed to give you the best online shopping experience. While you shop online PricePeep rushes to search thousands of sites and shows you the best offers on the net, without you needing to leave the site you're on.

When PricePeep recognizes that you are looking at products on a shopping site, PricePeep will show up as a small window at the bottom of your screen with alternative offers for the same product.

How does PricePeep work?

While you are shopping in your favorite online stores, PricePeep identifies the exact product you are searching for and inserts a small separate browser window (known as a slider) in the bottom of your existing browser. Using our extensive partners’ network, PricePeep scans thousands of online stores to find the best online deals for the products you are searching for, and displays them in the PricePeep slider window. For every product you search, PricePeep will show you alternative deals plus additional information regarding the products and retailers, enabling you to make better and more informed shopping decisions.

On how many sites is PricePeep active?

PricePeep works with virtually every online shopping site. If your favorite online shop does not have PricePeep, just send us an email with the name of the site to: support@pricepeep.net and we'll add it.

How do I download PricePeep?

PricePeep is totally free, and absolutely safe. It is simple and quick to install on your computer, and can be completely uninstalled at any time. To download PricePeep now, Click Here.

How do I uninstall PricePeep?

Uninstall Instructions

Why am I seeing ads on some sites?

To keep PricePeep free to use, we take advantage of an ad support system. These ads are seamlessly injected into the page so as to not disturb the site design, as well as to provide you with information about products or campaigns that may be of interest to you. We still take privacy seriously, and do not collect any identifying information.

How do I contact customer support?

We would love to hear from you!
Please email us at: support@pricepeep.net.
Thank you!